60 Course Offerings

ABC Poker: Intro to No Limit Hold'em

Instructors: Andrew Huang, Rocco Amorosso

Poker may seem at first like a game that is impossible to understand, let alone beat. However, with the fundamentals that you'll learn in this course, you'll soon be crushing it at the tables.

M/Tu/W 3:30p-5p

Active Listening 101: Learn to Listen, Not Just Respond

Instructors: Madison Werthmann

Being an active listener doesn’t always come naturally. Have you ever felt in over your head trying to help a friend out when they expressed their feelings or concerns to you? Or have you ever felt distracted during a conversation and found yourself wondering what you’re supposed to say next? These are common feelings, and can be hard to deal with. Active listening is a lifelong skill which you can use to guide you through these situations. The objective of this course is to help you begin to build up active listening as a skill, and it will be taught by Princeton students that volunteer for CONTACT of Mercer County -- a local emotional support hotline -- and have been trained as active listeners.

Th 3:30p-5p

An Introduction to the Practice of Lucid Dreaming

Instructors: Trevor Fisher

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have superpowers? Are you interested in exploring the hidden depths of your mind or experimenting with the limits of perception? What if you could talk with your own subconscious, or see strange and impossible worlds? Lucid dreams, dreams in which one is aware of the dream state and can control it, offer all these opportunities and more. For most people, lucid dreams are a rare and unpredictable event. The idea of being able to use certain techniques to intentionally have and control lucid dreams is one that has only recently entered public awareness. Over the past few decades more and more people have found out about lucid dreaming, some even creating online communities to collaboratively discover and refine lucid dreaming techniques. There are many resources available to help those interested in lucid dreaming, but they can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate for those unfamiliar with the subject. This course is intended primarily as an introduction, but people with all levels of lucid dreaming skill and experience are welcome. It aims to provide information that is accessible to beginners while also providing tips and insight that will be useful to those of a higher skill level. The course will begin with a presentation of around an hour that will provide an overview of a great number of different techniques used to induce, stabilize, and control lucid dreams, with commentary and personal experiences provided by the course leader. There will then be a Q. & A. and discussion period for the remainder of the session.

Th 9:30a-11a

Analyze Your Past (Learning) to Prepare for the Future (Courses)

Instructors: Nic Voge

This course will focus on analyzing a course that you took this fall term and writing a deep narrative description of it. From these insights, we will then pivot to applying what you learned from analyzing a single course to developing general learning strategies applicable to Princeton academics that you can use to prepare for and succeed in your spring semester classes. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to learn more effectively at Princeton, and help others do the same.

M 10a-2p

BAC Dance Workshops

Instructors: Ymhani Cloird

Come join BAC, and learn choreo from our show! Dance, have fun, and get to know us before spring auditions! Info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1965280076834234/ 1/29-Wilcox Dance Studio 1/30-Whitman Theater 1/31- Whitman Theater 2/2-New South Theater

M/Tu/W/F 9p-11p

Ballroom Dance Camp!

Instructors: Sherry Bai

We'll be teaching the basic steps for 1-2 different dances on each day! Come learn how to dance cha cha, rumba, jive, etc. (Attendance on one day is not required to attend the other!)

M/W 10a-12p

Basic Personal Safety, Afternoon Session

Instructors: Sean Ryder

"PSafe is pleased to be able to offer a basic Personal Safety presentation to all students. If you've ever thought about taking that self-defense course but finding the time has always been a struggle, or simply wanted to know what you can do to keep yourself safe, this presentation is for you! This one hour presentation touches on overseas travel do's and dont's, the 4 Risks of Personal Safety and how to manage them. Attend this course and acquire the James Bond swagger that you never thought was possible!

W 12p-1p

Basic Personal Safety, Morning Session

Instructors: Sean Ryder

"PSafe is pleased to be able to offer a basic Personal Safety presentation to all students. If you've ever thought about taking that self-defense course but finding the time has always been a struggle, or simply wanted to know what you can do to keep yourself safe, this presentation is for you! This one hour presentation touches on overseas travel do's and dont's, the 4 Risks of Personal Safety and how to manage them. Attend this course and acquire the James Bond swagger that you never thought was possible!

W 9a-10a

Blackjack: The Basics and How to Make Money

Instructors: Adam Kropf

We will focus on the basics of blackjack, figuring out the odds of almost every possibility and knowing when to bet. We will also discuss advantaged play and how this will help you beat the casino. Another focus of ours will be on other tips about casinos and how to beat the house so you can walk out with more money burning a hole in your pocket. No experience required.

M 3p-4:30p

BodyHype Dance Workshops

Instructors: Stevie Yang

Get HYPED to dance with BodyHype this Wintersession! Join us on for our hip hop combo with Owen and our contemp routine with Auset! All levels of experience are welcome. See you there :) Body Body!

M/Tu 9p-11p

Building Neural Networks with the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Instructors: Max Piasevoli

Want to learn how to make programs that solve problems in the same way that a human brain would? Come learn how to use the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit with the Microsoft Student Partners! This course will give students a basic introduction to neural networks as well as exposure to the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit which allows you to harness intelligence from massive data sets with incredible accuracy and speed. We welcome students of all levels of expertise, especially beginners!

Tu 11a-12p

Building your own computer

Instructors: Juan Sepulveda

Learn how to build your own computer in 45 minutes! This class will provide you with all the resources and knowledge you need to build your own.

Tu 1p-2p

Buon Appetito – Basic Italian Cooking

Instructors: Greg Billows, Jared Gierisch

Have you ever wanted to know how to make gnocchi, chicken parmesan and Italian sausage and pasta? If so, this is the class for you. Participants will learn to cook a variety of Italian favorites from our very own Whitman Campus Dining Chef de Cuisine Jared Gierisch. This will be a hands-on class and everyone will be encouraged to get involved in the cooking. No experience is required. At the end of the class the participants will sit down and enjoy the meal together, naturalmente! The course will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

W 11a-1p

Climate Change in 30 minutes

Instructors: Sam Moore

This course will give you a general overview of climate change, from the causes to potential solutions, including the Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal.

Tu 10a-11a

Connecting Service and Academics

Instructors: Maria Lockwood

Do you want to connect your interest in service to your academic work throughout your time at Princeton? Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI) staff and students will share how you can address the needs of various communities through your coursework, independent work, and summer internships. This session will allow you to explore the ways you can engage in CBLI opportunities during your whole Princeton experience and serve local, domestic, and international communities.

W 10a-11a

COS 217 Highlights

Instructors: Nathan Mytelka

My goal is to communicate the most important ideas of COS 217 in one week, skipping syntax and focusing on big ideas. I will assume you know some programming basics and Java (COS 126), and I will occasionally reference COS 226 material.

M/Tu/W/Th 12:30p-2p

Crash Course in Mentalism and Magic: A Look at Creativity in Magicians

Instructors: Luis Cardenas-Osorio

Learn magic tricks + mentalism! This course will teach you how to take the ordinary and change it into something completely different and extraordinary. This course will immerse you in a whole new world where you defy reality.

Tu 2p-3:30p

Democracy Lab

Instructors: Matthew Lazen

Democracy in America (and around the world) seems to be rife with problems that require all our ingenuity to solve. What would you fix – gerrymandering, "fake news," money in politics, political polarization, lack of participation in elections, the filibuster, [your idea here]? And how would you fix it? Is there an app for that? A campaign? A logarithm? A constitutional amendment? This course will introduce a sort of Tiger Challenge for Democracy, combining the design thinking methods prevalent in entrepreneurial circles with policy-making. It is open to anyone, from any discipline, who is interested in envisioning a better-functioning democracy. Democracy Lab may also be co-led by graduate students in WWS and History. During wintersession, we will also lay the groundwork for continuing Democracy Lab during the spring semester with guest faculty speakers and continuing workshops to refine promising, practical solutions.

W 12p-3p

diSiac Dance Company Wintersession Workshop

Instructors: Caroline Bailey, Elena Anamos

diSiac is one of Princeton's top contemporary and hip hop dance groups. Join us for a workshop to learn some new moves from diSiac dancers!

Tu 1:30p-3p

Explore Blockchain!

Instructors: Jessica Edouard

If you've heard about Bitcoin, you've heard about Blockchain! Come learn about the underlying technology that is allowing the creation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This workshop will give students a basic background of how the Blockchain works, what it is, and what other real-world applications Blockchain is capable of. The workshop will culminate with an exclusive demo of Blockchain services on Microsoft Azure. All levels of expertise are welcome, especially beginners!

M 11a-12p

Exploring the Politics of U.S. Education

Instructors: Jes Norman, Victoria Yu

Students will watch key documentaries about the politics of the U.S. education system then engage in dialogue analyzing the films while discussing intersectional themes related to social justice. A different film will be featured for each session offered.

Th 2p-5p

Get Fin Lit: Advanced Money Management Techniques

Instructors: Russell Dinkins, Christopher Shin, Benjamin Eley

Want to become wealthier and wiser by better managing your money? Don't miss out on this special personal finance course brought to you by Benjamin Eley from the Office of Financial Aid, Russell Dinkins of Career Services and the student coaches of EMPOWER, Princeton's premier financial literacy organization! We will help you master the essential money techniques of raising your credit, jumpstarting your investing, preparing for adult life and more. We'll also be handing out the insider's knowledge that you might be unaware of! Everyone always has more room for growth in their wallets and in their knowledge!

F 10a-11a

HighSteppers Workshop

Instructors: GJ Sevillano

Want to learn how to step precise with Princeton's one and only step team? Then come join our workshop and learn step routines from the group that brought you Hit 'Em With the Beats. Meet the team and have some fun - no pressure and absolutely no experience necessary!

Th 3p-5p

Homemade Pizza Making

Instructors: Devon Block-Funkhouser, Heide Baron

This class will teach you how to make homemade pizza! We will explain the process that goes into making the dough and then each individual person will get to roll out their dough and make their own personal pizzas. This course will allow everyone to be a chef and create their own pizza with various toppings of their choosing.

W 3:30p-5p

How journalism can survive and thrive

Instructors: Jessica Li

Journalism in the United States today faces two critical challenges. On one hand, an increasingly hostile Washington has undermined the credibility of journalists and the media. On another, the rapid rise of technology has neutralized many revenue streams, creating a suffocating economic environment for news organizations, particularly those that are community based. This class explores strategies for journalists of traditional media to drive-up readership and develop unconventional revenue streams. We will also discuss strategies of navigating around information censorship or suppression.

Th 3p-4p

How to Do Good With Your Career

Instructors: Changyan Wang

Did you know ...pandemics are even more dangerous than climate change? ...a doctor could save more lives from donating 10%, than from treating patients? We all want careers that "do good". But how can we best do that? What jobs do the most good, how do we pursue them, and what are the world's most urgent problems? Come for a quick interactive intro to making an impact with your career.

Th 11a-12p

How to Peel an Orange (Correctly)

Instructors: Matthew Fastow

We've all been there. You're having the time of your life with your friends in the D-Hall, until that dreaded moment arrives. You must peel your orange. Your hands fumble awkwardly, and you produce nothing more than a meager, pitiful pile of mangled peel scraps. The ridicule from your friends is endless. "Hah, look at this inexperienced orange peeler!" "I bet he doesn't know how to properly slice a mango either!" "I don't love you anymore and I'm breaking up with you." Well--fear no more. Orange peeling is, in fact, a subtle and storied art, dating back to the 2nd century BCE. We promise to teach you all the tips and tricks necessary for that fleeting social validation we all secretly crave. Free oranges supplied.

M 5p-6p

If not MD, then what?

Instructors: Jessica Matzko

Over 300 students enter Princeton every year with an interest in becoming a doctor; about 150 from each class will ultimately become MDs. What do the others do? Come to this session to explore alternate paths to helping others in a health care setting, including osteopathic medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, biomedical research, and others. The session will provide a brief introduction to non-MD health careers and reflection activities to help you think about your interests and skills, and how they may intersect with a future career.

Tu 2p-3p

Improv 101: How to Make Things Up & Be Funny About It

Instructors: Aidan Gray

Chances are you've seen Whose Line is it Anyway, or troupes like Upright Citizens Brigade or Second City, or even Princeton's own groups like Lobster Club, Quipfire, or Fuzzy Dice. Lots of people think they can't improvise well, or be funny. But you definitely can. All it takes is the right prompting and a few general guidelines, and the chance to experiment. Improv 101 offers the chance to have a blast, play around with a new skill set, and maybe even discover a hidden talent for making things up on the spot.

F 3:30p-5p

Indian Classical Music 101

Instructors: Seyoon Ragavan

This course aims to provide an introduction to Indian classical music with an emphasis on how to listen and appreciate it. We will cover the basic elements and highlight its unique features, including melody, the raga system, and rhythm, and how it all comes together. Both instructors are long-time students of the art, so the course will be taught with live demonstrations and getting students involved!

F 3p-5p

Intro to Explainable AI

Instructors: Taylor Kulp-McDowall

AI, specifically deep learning, has made massive progress over the past couple years and is now a commonplace tool in numerous industries. However as a result of the black box nature of many deep learning systems it is often quite difficult to explain what factors they take into account in their decisions and how they make them. For example, how is an algorithm determining what prisoners get parole ? What are the main factors an algorithm is using to diagnose a patient? These questions are within the domain of Explainable AI. This course offers an introduction to this field and hopes to give you a taste of how AI experts are currently thinking about making deep learning systems more understandable.

M 2p-3:30p

Intro to Stage Combat

Instructors: Minjae Kim

Do you want to learn how to beat up your friends – all without touching them? If yes, this is the course for you! In the Intro to Stage Combat course, you will learn the essentials to stage combat – the art of creating realistic fight scenes on the stage. The course safely explores how fights work and covers topics ranging from physical techniques such as punches, kicks, and throws to more advanced concepts such as blocking to conceal, tracking injuries, and telling the narrative. The course will culminate in a small fight showcase choreographed and performed by students. Whether you’re an actor, director, or a regular student, all are welcome! No previous fighting or acting experience required.

Th 1:30p-4p

Introduction to Aikido: The Kickass, Pacifistic Martial Art

Instructors: Matthew Penza

Hey, you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Do you want to acquire the amazing kung fu skills of Bruce Lee in less than two hours??? Well, hate to break it to you, but that's not going to happen. BUT, we can teach you a move or two you can use to defend yourself when you're caught in a pinch. Aikido is a martial art designed around the concept of redirecting your opponent's attacks against him, so no matter how big or small you are, the moves will work. Aikido is one of the few martial arts that prizes intellect over brute force. If you want to effortlessly and painlessly subdue attackers, aikido is perfect for you. Interested? Come to our Wintersession course! We promise, it'll be worth it.

F 3p-5p

Introduction to Breakdancing

Instructors: Adeniji Ogunlana

Come learn the basics of breakdancing with Sympoh Urban Arts Crew, Princeton's only b-boy/b-girl dance crew! We'll teach you fundamental moves in top rock and footwork, as well as some freezes. No previous dance experience necessary.

W 1p-3p

Introduction to Football

Instructors: Sridutt Nimmagadda

"Football is a beautiful, complex sport - that often does not get enough credit for its cerebral nature. In this course, we will take a look at basic football offensive schemes, defensive schemes, positions, strategies, and analyze offensive and defensive breakthroughs in football history. At the end of the class, we will take a brief look at football analytics and how to evaluate player performance. Any students interested in working for a football team can be connected with individuals in the football industry for networking purposes."

Tu/Th 10a-11a

Introductory Wheel-Throwing, Thursday

Instructors: Katie Schneer

Have you ever seen beautiful hand-thrown pottery and wanted to make your own? At this creative course, we'll guide you through the process of wheel-throwing and give you lots of feedback. With this foundation of knowledge, you can come back to the Wilson Ceramics Studio and keep practicing and creating during the semester. Open to ALL! Absolutely no experience necessary, all supplies provided. Come ready to learn!

Th 12:30p-2p

Introductory Wheel-Throwing, Tuesday

Instructors: Katie Schneer

Have you ever seen beautiful hand-thrown pottery and wanted to make your own? At this creative course, we'll guide you through the process of wheel-throwing and give you lots of feedback. With this foundation of knowledge, you can come back to the Wilson Ceramics Studio and keep practicing and creating during the semester. Open to ALL! Absolutely no experience necessary, all supplies provided. Come ready to learn!

Tu 12:30p-2p
Tu 12:30p-2p

Learn a Musical Instrument

Instructors: Alexander Cox

Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument but never had the chance? Join members of the Princeton University Band and get the opportunity to learn any instrument (provided by us!) with solo and small group mentoring. Over three days, we will show you the basics of your new instrument, and teach you how to read music and play a few songs, culminating in a full rehearsal with the PUB! Absolutely no prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to have fun.

M/W/F 10:30a-12:30p

Learn to Juggle with the Princeton Juggling Club

Instructors: Logan Stafman

Ever wanted to learn how to juggle? Come learn from people who juggle all the time at the Princeton Juggling Club's Wintersession course! No experience needed, anyone welcome!

Tu 11a-12p

Lonely Planet: Eighteen-Century Beijing and the Forbidden City

Instructors: Xue Zhang

In 1750, the Qing court commissioned a comprehensive map of the city of Beijing, which was secretly preserved in the Forbidden City as the monarch’s private property until it was rediscovered in 1935. As a collaborative work of the European Jesuits and Ingenious mapmakers, the map accurately depicts the palace complex, markets and fairs, residential areas, temples, as well as imperial gardens and villas in the surrounding suburbs. Based on this map, the course gives you a tour of eighteen-century Beijing and introduces you to its inhabitants from every walk of life. Special attention is paid to the Forbidden City, the palace complex in the center of the city. It was not only the home of the royal family, but also the workplace for thousands of bureaucrats, artisans, entertainers, and servants. If you plan to visit Beijing in the in the future, the course is a great opportunity for you to explore its imperial past, the locals’ lives, and the historical sites you do not want to miss.

M/W 4p-5p

Make Tasty Treats

Instructors: Jessica Zhou

Everyone watches the BuzzFeed Tasty videos that pop up on their Facebook feed, but no one actually makes the treats. This class will make three Tasty treats: two desserts and one appetizer. Yum!

M 2p-5p

Memes in the Modern World

Instructors: Daniel Te

In the rise of the Digital Age, memes may seem like inconsequential “in-jokes,” but they are perhaps one of the defining features of the 21st century. In this course, we’ll take a look at the key components of a meme and its life cycle. Then, we’ll examine the global cultural and political impacts of memes such as “Gangnam Style” and “Pepe the Frog.” The class will then culminate with a hands-on opportunity to create your own (appropriate) meme and a fictional narrative of the meme’s spread.

F 4p-5p

Naacho Dance Workshop

Instructors: Teresa Irigoyen-López, Divya Mehta

Have you ever wanted to dance like a Bollywood star? Come to Naacho's Wintersession workshop and you can learn how! No experience necessary.

F 4p-5:30p

North-Eastern American Slang

Instructors: Louison Sall

I would like to teach a course that introduces people to the slang words used in our community. As a non-native language speaker it is often frustrating to hear certain phrases used repeatedly and not understand the meaning. Even if you are a native english speaker, it is interesting to learn the origins of certain words and phrases that you might not be familiar with.

F 1p-2:30p

Planning Early for Academic Fellowship Opportunities

Instructors: Deirdre Moloney, Steve Gump

"This session will explore the benefits of applying for competitive opportunities such as the Rhodes, Fulbright, Schwarzman, and Truman scholarships that extend beyond the award itself. The application process encourages active self-reflection and self-understanding, bringing clarity and insight into a student’s academic and professional experiences, personal strengths and future goals. These steps are critical to one’s lifelong professional, leadership, and personal development. This workshop will help students to prepare early for the process and give a brief overview of fellowship opportunities, including those for international students.

Th 1p-2p

Play bridge, the card game! No experience needed

Instructors: Amber Lin

Ready to take your poker or hearts skills to the next level? Want to learn the card game that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and your grandmother bond over? The game that (supposedly) led to the collapse of Bear Stearns? We'll break up students into novices and more advanced players and have a short lesson for both groups. Then we'll play bridge for most of the time period! You do not need to come for the whole time, please just join us whenever you are available. No card-game experience needed. Enjoy snacks and refreshments while we play.

Th 10a-12p

Pre-Health 101

Instructors: Randall Perez

Whether you have always known you wanted to be a doctor, or you are considering all of your options, come learn what it takes to prepare for and to get into medical, dental or another health profession school. The session will include a 30-45 minute presentation with plenty of time for questions and answers

M 2p-3p

PreHealth 201

Instructors: Jessica Matzko

This course will discuss key decisions prehealth students make in their sophomore year, such as choosing a concentration, finding summer opportunities, and developing strong service experiences. We will review various prerequisite requirements and application timelines for those preparing to apply to a health professional program.

F 11a-12p

PUB Beginner Ballet Workshop

Instructors: Sarah Betancourt

Want to get a fun and unique full-body workout? Curious about how ballet dancers learn to dance? Come try out PUB's ballet class for beginners! We will lead you through a full ballet class, complete with fun music and PUB dancers. Absolutely no experience necessary - come ready to pick up some new moves and learn to dance like a star!

Th 10a-12p

Rugby 101

Instructors: Kai Liu

Ever wonder how rugby works? Interested in joining the Princeton Rugby Club? Come meet and join some members of the Men’s and Women’s Rugby for a day of rugby learning and playing. We’ll teach you the basics of the sport -- from throwing and catching to tackling (and being tackled), to rucking and lineouts, to positions and objectives of the game. Rugby is an incredibly fun and action-packed sport that we want to share with you! (We'll have snacks too)

M 3:30p-5p


Instructors: Brian Ho

We'll be looking at what it means to be poetic in our everyday lives and how poetry may be seen as an experience and a sensation. We'll look at authors such as Emerson, who insisted on the universality of the inner world, and how this inner landscape may be accessed and surveyed by the sensation. A sensation is not quite an emotion, nor is it a mere concept, as it must be experienced in a sort of neutrality. Other poets we'll look at are Tupac, Eliot, Fitzgerald, and the French romantics. Creative Expression workshop.

F 1p-3p

Sound of Science: Technical Journalism for Radio/Podcast

Instructors: Brian Kraus

Science, journalism and radio collide! Students will observe and analyze the art of audio-only science communication, through their own experiences and through popular media like Radiolab and Science Friday. In an initial class, students will debate what works and what doesn't when distilling science into sound. For the follow-up session, participants will prepare a science audio story, either via text or mp3. These products would be eligible for FM airtime on WPRB Princeton via These Vibes Are Too Cosmic.

Tu/W 10a-11a

Street Fighting Mathematics

Instructors: Valentin Skoutnev

Ever wanted to know if there are more trees on Earth than stars in our galaxy? Or what fraction of the US is made of highways? What about how many flying bugs there are in New Jersey? Answering order of magnitude questions (popularly known as Fermi estimates or street fighting mathematics) can help you get a better grasp of the scales and sizes of everything around you, from astrophysics to economics to ecology. This course should give you some tips on how to answer these questions more easily for yourself. We will try a few fun sample questions together to learn some fundamental techniques and then do a real-life experiment on a phenomenon sometimes referred to as 'wisdom of the crowd'. Why does the average of many people's guesses often converge to the true answer? And when does this phenomenon break down? No per-requisites required. No calculators allowed.

Th 2p-3:30p

Tackling Carbon Pollution and Climate Change in New Jersey: Our Proposal for a Carbon Fee & Dividend

Instructors: Jonathan Lu, Donovan Cassidy-Nolan

Carbon emissions pose immediate and unacceptable threats to New Jersey citizens, contributing to air pollution that causes 8,000 premature deaths annually, as well as sea level rise that will force more than 170,000 citizens to relocate. However, carbon emissions have many sources, and narrow regulation by itself cannot bring the economy-wide changes to reach zero emissions. We present our carbon fee and dividend policy for New Jersey, which we are working with Assemblyman Zwicker to introduce as a bill to the New Jersey legislature. We demonstrate that this policy would effectively reduce emissions without hurting the economy. We argue that this policy is politically feasible: it can unite both liberals and conservatives, environmentalists and businesses together in a climate change solution."

W 2p-3p

The Latest in Energy Tech, Policy, & Markets

Instructors: Amber Lin, Ryan Baldwin

How will blockchain, AI, and quantum computing completely transform our energy systems? How hard is Trump really trying to bring coal back? What will self-driving electric cars mean for the grid? In this course, we'll quickly overview the basics of how energy systems work and then dive into a discussion of the latest in energy tech, policy, and markets - you'll learn the basics of how to save on your electric bill, but also the infinite possibilities of careers and investment opportunities in the energy field. Enjoy snacks and refreshments during the discussion.

M 10a-11a

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Analysis of Why It's Awesome

Instructors: Anhar Karim

We live in an age of superhero movies. In particular, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has spanned 10 years, 26 movies, and 7 TV shows and they all exist within one integrated universe. Join me for this crash course where I, using Captain America: Civil War explain why this decade long story has been told so well, and how the DC universe struggles to keep up. Then, sit tight for a really quick crash course of the entire history of the universe.

W 2p-3p

Tree Identification

Instructors: Tessa Flanigan

Princeton’s campus is incredibly beautiful, and you can appreciate it even more when you can identify all the awesome trees. This course will teach you the important characteristics of common trees in the northeast and point you to resources to help you identify them. Expect a lot of cool botany facts and some nature walks.

Th 9:30a-11a

Vegetarian Cooking

Instructors: Stephanie Cook

Come learn some delicious basic dishes you can build on and cooking skills that will help you cook anything! Knife skills and several different cooking techniques will be covered. By the end of the course, you will be chopping vegetables faster, have a few recipes you can survive off while you have to cook for yourself over the summer, and know how to react to safety issues. Bonus: it's a free meal during the break and you can probably take home leftovers.

M 3p-5p

You Be the Judge: An Insider’s Look at the Law School Admission Selection Process

Instructors: Karen Graziano

Interested in law school? Wondering how to make decisions about courses, internships, and fellowships – and how these decisions will impact admission? Wondering how law schools make their decisions about candidates? In this session, you’ll take a seat at the Admissions table evaluating candidates for law school. You’ll leave with a good sense of the right questions to ask yourself about your interest in law, the next steps to take in your own journey, and with a greater awareness of how law schools’ admission committees judge candidates. Join us for an afternoon where you’ll be the judge.

F 1p-2:30p

Your 2018 Career Resolution: Get LinkedIn!

Instructors: Eva Kubu

Today more than 90 percent of employers use LinkedIn to identify and connect with prospective candidates. Having a great LinkedIn profile is akin to having an effective resume. But, it’s WAY more than that—when you have a complete profile you are 40 percent more likely to get contacted about opportunities. LinkedIn is an essential part of your job search arsenal. It's 2018 and "it's time to get LinkedIn!" Take a "deep dive" look at how to establish a strong presence and leverage LinkedIn for professional networking when looking for an internship or full-time job. Learn how to create an appealing profile that will attract employers; use advanced search features to identify alumni and employers based on career fields and specific positions you are interested in; research organizations and opportunities; take advantage of free professional development resources; and build a powerful network of advocates who can help you reach your goals. Please bring your laptop AND resume to this session. Free professional profile photos will be offered for all attendees.

Th 10:30a-12p